Licensed electrical contractor

Specializing in your home’s electrical environment


Consumer-Service Provider Electrical Connectivity

utility services

Do you need more power coming into your home?
Pearce Electric is a licensed electrical contractor and can assist you with various options to meet your needs.

How a basic ultility service upgrade works:

  • Pearce Electric evaluates your home’s incoming electrical system setup
  • We provide an estimate for the cost of an upgrade to your existing electrical setup
  • Pearce Electric informs your utility service provider and municipality’s governing body about the details of your upgrade
  • We provide you with the smoothest possible transition during the utility service upgrade process
Fuse Box | Circuit Breaker

circuit breaker panels (fuse boxes)

Is your fuse box too crowded with buttons or components?
Is it getting old or outdated for your needs?

Please let us know anytime if you have questions.

Renovation-Repair Electrical Relationship

renovations and repair

Are you planning to renovate your home and electrical work is involved?
Do you need custom electric-related repairs in your home?

Whether you are adding or removing electrical devices from your renovation projects, we are here to assist you with anything you may need.

Home Wiring System

troubleshooting and maintenance

Do you have any electrical wiring challenges throughout your home?

Pearce Electric is capable of troubleshooting all your wiring issues and finding solutions to fix your problems efficiently.

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